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About the Celebration

Wearing your letters proudly on campus; performing in a Homecoming Step Show or Greek Week Skit; playing fraternity intramurals; singing during sorority recruitment or a Greek Sing. As you look back at your times on campus, we are sure some of the best memories you have from Maryland are because of your involvement in your fraternity or sorority.

Fraternity and sorority life is a cherished part of the history and tradition of the University of Maryland. As we celebrate 100 years of brotherhood and sisterhood, leadership, service and scholarship, we ask that you join us in honoring the many years fraternities and sororities have spent making men better men and women better women. You can find a full schedule of Centennial Events below, and be sure to check out the Greek Centennial article that appears in Terp Magazine at umd.edu/greek_life!

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Greek Centennial Success!

Honor Roll Honorees

Thank you to everyone that helped make the University of Maryland Greek Centennial Year a resounding success. And as has been the theme this past year, thank you to all the alumni and friends who have contributed to making this community such a success.

Here are the names and chapters of those alumni who were recognized on the Centennial Honor Roll Garden and Plaza on Fraternity Row:

First Name Last Name Organization
Debra Cammer Hines Alpha Chi Omega
Odonna Mathews Alpha Chi Omega
Barbara L.S. Piquet Alpha Chi Omega
Kimberly Bittner Willis Alpha Chi Omega
Marjorie Manne Zandberg Alpha Chi Omega
Elana Smith Fine Alpha Chi Omega
Dana Little Stassen Alpha Chi Omega
Clare Elizabeth Carey Alpha Delta Pi
Sara Red Edmond Alpha Delta Pi
Margaret Wolfe Kidwell Alpha Delta Pi
Amy Surette Schroeder Alpha Delta Pi
Mary Twilley Scott Alpha Delta Pi
Rachel McGaughey Hedrick Alpha Delta Pi
Eveline Shum Alpha Delta Pi
Ruth Evans Thomas Alpha Delta Pi
Jessy Feinberg Alpha Epsilon Phi
Lynn Prosten Alpha Epsilon Phi
Nancy Littman Wanicur Alpha Epsilon Phi
Lisa Bieber David Alpha Epsilon Phi
Jodi Barr Katzen Alpha Epsilon Phi
Sybil Rappaport Moses Alpha Epsilon Phi
Eleanor Block Sircus Alpha Epsilon Phi
Diane Wynn Boulavsky Alpha Gamma Delta
Deborah Ruth Ball Lawrence Alpha Gamma Delta
Kathleen Barber Link Alpha Gamma Delta
Cheryl Petty Garnette Alpha Kappa Alpha
Carmella Davis Watkins Alpha Kappa Alpha
Jatrice Martel Gaiter Alpha Kappa Alpha
Singleton B. McAllister Alpha Kappa Alpha
Mary Sotak Barbuto Alpha Omicron Pi
Melis Roche Erlbeck Alpha Omicron Pi
Jane Mooney McCarl Alpha Omicron Pi
Suzanne McLaughlin Alpha Omicron Pi
Stefanie Stratton Alpha Omicron Pi
Kerry Rutemiller Ates Alpha Omicron Pi
Mary Charlotte Chaney Alpha Omicron Pi
Mary Stallings Coleman Alpha Omicron Pi
Lynn Caudle Pendleton Alpha Omicron Pi
Elizabeth Swenk Alpha Omicron Pi
Bobbie Galate Alpha Phi
Wendy Gordon Alpha Phi
Karen Scheffling Avore Alpha Phi
Byron K. Jeffery Alpha Phi Alpha
Charles E. Watley Alpha Phi Alpha
Eric L. Brady Alpha Phi Alpha
Craig B. Clinkscale Alpha Phi Alpha
Paul Radulovic Alpha Sigma Phi
David Yonenson Alpha Sigma Phi
Paul "Duke" Bowen Alpha Tau Omega
Joshua A. Jones Alpha Tau Omega
Ryan McBride Alpha Tau Omega
Charles McNally Alpha Tau Omega
James W. Jr. Shaw Alpha Tau Omega
Harry Hasslinger Alpha Tau Omega
Jennifer M. Garcia Alpha Theta Gamma
Erin Lukomska-Schlauch Alpha Theta Gamma
Lynne Pollitt Bratten Alpha Xi Delta
Beta Eta Corporation Board Alpha Xi Delta
Catherine Barham Campbell Alpha Xi Delta
Jane Ann Nebel Henson Alpha Xi Delta
G. Irene Knox Alpha Xi Delta
Josephine Knox Alpha Xi Delta
Sheri Edwards O'Connell Alpha Xi Delta
Casey Gomes Beta Theta Pi
Scott Horst Beta Theta Pi
David Patrick Beta Theta Pi
Mark Slaney Beta Theta Pi
Vivian Simpson Chi Omega
Patrick R. Nelson Delta Chi
Jose Rodas Delta Chi
Frank Grzelak Delta Chi
Linnell Robinson Bowen Delta Delta Delta
Joan Quigley Howard Delta Delta Delta
Joan Gaddy Kay Delta Delta Delta
Jennifer Schwartz Labellarte Delta Delta Delta
Mary Pat Cobey Martin Delta Delta Delta
Susan Woda Delta Delta Delta
Winifred Gahan Delta Delta Delta
Kitty Godman Gordy Delta Delta Delta
Teddie Lou Kelly McNamara Delta Delta Delta
Cary Hatch Delta Gamma
Jane Richmond Lynn Delta Gamma
Krysia Brzoska Novotny Delta Gamma
Tara Potter Delta Gamma
Amy Beth Tate Delta Gamma
Katherine Blok Delta Gamma
Eleanor Higgons Fields Delta Gamma
Tracey Doebling Williams Delta Gamma
Brianna F. Russo Delta Phi Epsilon
Sheri H. Goff Delta Phi Epsilon
Marlene Portner Delta Phi Epsilon
Rene McCarthy Buckmon Delta Sigma Theta
Donna Crable Gorjon Delta Sigma Theta
Kecia Hansard Delta Sigma Theta
Jerilynn Reid Delta Sigma Theta
Marion Benson Hastings Gamma Phi Beta
Eileen Sue Howard Pensinger Gamma Phi Beta
Weida Walker Stoecker Gamma Phi Beta
Maria Henderson Wolf Gamma Phi Beta
Candice J. Wolfe Gamma Phi Beta
Marilyn Brown Gamma Phi Beta
Rizwan Lakhani Iota Nu Delta
William D. Gray Kappa Alpha Order
John B. Gray Kappa Alpha Order
Thomas B. McGee Kappa Alpha Order
Charles D. McGuire Kappa Alpha Order
Robert M. Ross Kappa Alpha Order
Norwood S. Sothoron Kappa Alpha Order
Reginald V. Truitt Kappa Alpha Order
Wayne Bruce Kappa Alpha Psi
Kenneth Andre Gladden Kappa Alpha Psi
Christopher Grant Kappa Alpha Psi
Craig Dean Kappa Alpha Psi
Katherine Reno Calvert Kappa Alpha Theta
Mary Ann Allison Elliott Kappa Alpha Theta
Rosellen "Posey" McCarthy Kappa Alpha Theta
Linda Beck Pieplow Kappa Alpha Theta
Barbara Burnett Riggs Kappa Alpha Theta
Kathy Wynn Salvemini Kappa Alpha Theta
Sue Laffan Thompson Kappa Alpha Theta
Karen Ulrich Jones Kappa Alpha Theta
Melissa Murray Bailey Kappa Delta
Barbara Kephart Crane Kappa Delta
Megan A. Dugan Kappa Delta
Catharine Grunewald Rhine Kappa Delta
Timmy Ruppersberger Kappa Delta
Elizabeth Mims Gifford Kappa Delta
Charlotte Farnham Hasslinger Kappa Delta
Emily Fuller Nees Kappa Delta
Alma Preinkert Kappa Delta
Patricia Gibbons Adams Kappa Kappa Gamma
Barbara Hornbake Angier Kappa Kappa Gamma
Lynne Cashman Astrich Kappa Kappa Gamma
Grace Mattingly Clarke Kappa Kappa Gamma
Jacqueline Morley Heise Kappa Kappa Gamma
Barbara England Kehoe Kappa Kappa Gamma
Jane Cahill Pfeiffer Kappa Kappa Gamma
Constance Cornell Stuart Kappa Kappa Gamma
Hattie Sara Yoo Kappa Phi Lambda
Michael J. Alloggio Kappa Sigma
Jason N. Fried Kappa Sigma
Geoffrey E. Burgan Kappa Sigma
Michael H. Goland Kappa Sigma
Dan Taylor Kappa Sigma
Frank E. Angier Lambda Chi Alpha
Kip M. Edwards Lambda Chi Alpha
Brian I. Gill Lambda Chi Alpha
Jon C. Williamson Lambda Chi Alpha
Andrew J. Brown Lambda Chi Alpha
William Lines Lambda Chi Alpha
Stanley C. Lore Lambda Chi Alpha
Cara Hewitt-Grant Lambda Theta Alpha
Janel A. Vaughan Lambda Theta Alpha
George P. Braxton Omega Psi Phi
Duane J. II Wallace Omega Psi Phi
Gerald A. A. Collins Omega Psi Phi
J. Michael A. Matthews Omega Psi Phi
Altmann Pannell Omega Psi Phi
De'Angelo Bailey Phi Beta Sigma
Eric J. Davis Phi Beta Sigma
Christopher Etienne Phi Beta Sigma
Benjamin III Gaither Phi Beta Sigma
Michael Stewart Phi Beta Sigma
Robert Fitzpatrick Phi Delta Theta
Robert A.  Gale Phi Delta Theta
Adam Luecking Phi Delta Theta
Marvin J. Perry Phi Delta Theta
Bob "Turtle" Smith Phi Delta Theta
Michael Twigg Phi Delta Theta
Chris Washburn Phi Delta Theta
P. Douglas Dollenberg Phi Delta Theta
Kenn Roberts Phi Delta Theta
Durke Thompson Phi Delta Theta
Earle Lindell III Bowman Phi Gamma Delta
Ramez Mostafa Fahmy Phi Gamma Delta
Dale William Rickenbach Phi Gamma Delta
Steven Anthony Lagana Phi Gamma Delta
Alexander Marsh Phi Kappa Psi
Ernest Betz Phi Kappa Sigma
Richard Jaklitsch Phi Kappa Sigma
Richard Moran Phi Kappa Sigma
Dutch Ruppersberger Phi Kappa Sigma
Senator Joseph Tydings Phi Kappa Sigma
Elmer Wingate Phi Kappa Sigma
Stephen E. Brannan Phi Kappa Tau
Gregory D. Hollen Phi Kappa Tau
Pat O'Connor Phi Kappa Tau
C. Ricardo Hamilton Phi Kappa Tau
Chandler McCann Phi Kappa Tau
Nicholas C. Nicholas Phi Kappa Tau
Timothy O. Simon Phi Kappa Tau
Philip R. Rever Phi Sigma Kappa
John W. Dorsey Phi Sigma Kappa
Jay Gobeil Phi Sigma Kappa
Christopher P. McBeth Phi Sigma Kappa
Edgar Farr Russell Phi Sigma Kappa
J. Phillip Schaefer Phi Sigma Kappa
James E. Starnes Phi Sigma Kappa
Charles E. Wickard Phi Sigma Kappa
Robert Yellowlees Phi Sigma Kappa
Ellen Julius Atlas Phi Sigma Sigma
Gloria Wallerstein Derkay Phi Sigma Sigma
Barbara Krause Fried Phi Sigma Sigma
Shirley Politzer Glass Phi Sigma Sigma
Marsha Oshrine Stoller Phi Sigma Sigma
Michelle Green Glassman Phi Sigma Sigma
Carole Chaimson Sibel Phi Sigma Sigma
Alyssa Toland Phi Sigma Sigma
Kevin Chrapaty Pi Kappa Alpha
Charles Fliegel Pi Kappa Alpha
Raymond III Heer Pi Kappa Alpha
Matthew Dow Teems Pi Kappa Alpha
Joseph Bodin Pi Kappa Alpha
Thomas Shaner Pi Kappa Alpha
Raymond M. "Hondo" Davids Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Edward M. Downey Sigma Alpha Epsilon
John N. Lauer Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Charles E. "Chaz" Seymour Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Harold M. "Hal" Brierley Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Harry C. "Curley" Byrd Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Christopher P. Gaylor Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Bruce N. Harris Sigma Alpha Mu
Michael A. Snitzer Sigma Alpha Mu
Howard B. Miller Sigma Alpha Mu
Robert A. Rombro Sigma Alpha Mu
Samuel L. Silber Sigma Alpha Mu
Gerald L. Stempler Sigma Alpha Mu
David S. Tlusty Sigma Alpha Mu
Ralph J. Tyser Sigma Alpha Mu
Barry DesRoches Sigma Chi
Jeff Weiler Sigma Chi
Scott Werber Sigma Chi
Waldo Burnside Sigma Chi
Tom Burton Sigma Chi
Fred DeMarr Sigma Chi
Geary "Swede" Eppley Sigma Chi
Jack Heise Sigma Chi
Steny Hoyer Sigma Chi
George Weber Sigma Chi
Etta Nezin Becker Sigma Delta Tau
Lynn Berman Marano Sigma Delta Tau
Dana Loewenstein Weinstein Sigma Delta Tau
Jacqueline Abelman Cohen Sigma Delta Tau
Aisha N. Braveboy Sigma Gamma Rho
Garlynn Jones Parker Sigma Gamma Rho
Alana M. Williams Sigma Gamma Rho
Dawn Taliaferro Braun Sigma Kappa
Alison Esser Cuomo Sigma Kappa
Emmy Lou Midgette Sigma Kappa
Kristen Reza-Atkins Sigma Kappa
Marylee Pearl Robinson Sigma Kappa
Amanda Kauderer Berg Sigma Kappa
Amanda Gable Radcliffe Sigma Kappa
Jeanne Seamone Sigma Kappa
Eric L. Cole Sigma Nu
Ramin Nejaddehghan Sigma Nu
Col. Richard F. Rothenburg Sigma Nu
Founders of Gamma Pi Sigma Nu
Brandon R. Bienstock Sigma Nu
Col. Thomas M. Fields Sigma Nu
Stanley P. Jones Sigma Nu
David A. Locke Sigma Nu
Liam C. McMenamin Sigma Nu
Brian S. Saroken Sigma Nu
Col. John Logan Schutz Sigma Nu
Mark N. Rabinowitz Sigma Phi Epsilon
David B. Stollman Sigma Phi Epsilon
Jason M. St. John Sigma Phi Epsilon
Donald H. Weber Sigma Phi Epsilon
Ty Taborn Sigma Pi
Ted Tuck Sigma Pi
Bill Ball Sigma Pi
Arthur Cook Sigma Pi
James Hills Sigma Pi
Margaret Zheng Sigma Psi Zeta
Julie Tran Mao Sigma Psi Zeta
Sean M. Bailey Theta Chi
Greg Derby Theta Chi
P. Saad Saba Theta Chi
Bob Gottschling Theta Chi
Jim Hodges Theta Chi
Anton C. Krucky Theta Chi
Mark Miller Theta Chi
Andrew Miller Theta Chi
Warren G. Myers Theta Chi
Bill Van Dyke Theta Chi
Cory M. Baker Zeta Beta Tau
Robert Cutler Zeta Beta Tau
Branden Michael Engorn Zeta Beta Tau
Andrew Franklin Ashwal Zeta Beta Tau
Scott Michael Katzen Zeta Beta Tau
Jannina S. Bryan Zeta Phi Beta
Shirlene T. Chase Zeta Phi Beta
Dr. Jalene Chase-Sands Zeta Phi Beta
Winifred Cannon Zeta Phi Beta
Michael J. Freiman Zeta Psi
Fred R. Jr. Frick Zeta Psi
Andrew M. Frisvold Zeta Psi
D. Stuart Bowers Zeta Psi
Jeffrey M. Menick Zeta Psi (Phi Epsilon Pi)
Steven "Tully" Tulkin Zeta Psi (Phi Epsilon Pi)
Elise Hawkins Zeta Tau Alpha
Jannah Van Kirk Hobday Zeta Tau Alpha
Dawn K. Nichols Zeta Tau Alpha





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From The Devastation of Fire –
A New Vision for Community

the Past

With the loss of the housing barracks in 1912 due to the Great Fire, the seeds of a new kind of community and commitment in College Park were planted at the Maryland Agricultural College. The men who were displaced from the barracks, including those who belonged to the earliest fraternities, moved in with families in the community. The bonds of fellowship were greatly enriched by the shared living experience, and in 1913, then University President Dr. H.J. Patterson first envisioned the University providing chapter houses so Greeks could live out their values for the whole community to see. Present to take Dr. Patterson's words to heart was a recent graduate and temporary football coach, Harry Clifton "Curley" Byrd, who would propose to build Fraternity Row when he became President of the University in 1935. From these humble origins, a diverse and thriving fraternity and sorority community would emerge – a community that continues to be a vibrant and critical part of the life of the University of Maryland today.
Photographs of the 1912 housing fire.
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Stay Connected As We Celebrate the Centennial

the Present

Sidebar photos
Today the commitment to sisterhood and brotherhood are as strong as ever. As you can see by the statics below, our numbers are strong and getting stronger. The breadth of membership is wide and diverse and the depth of involvement grows, especially where our alumni continue to support their chapters.
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By the Numbers

raised for philanthropies in 2012–13
active enrolled undergraduate
members in the Fall of 2013
hours of community service
conducted in 2012–13
All Sorority GPA
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All Fraternity GPA
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Help the Legacy Continue

Ensure the

The University of Maryland is committed to the continuation of the ideals, values and experiences of fraternities and sororities for the next 100 years and beyond. In these changing times, the commitment of your time, your talent and your treasure are critically important to making sure chapters will continue to thrive and grow for coming generations. For these young men and women to have the challenges and experiences that you did, your involvement advising your chapter or serving on their housing board, your willingness to share experiences and expertise by sharing at an alumni event or speaking at your chapter, or providing money and resources to help support the programs and services offered to undergraduate members are needed more than ever. Help your undergraduate brothers and sisters see that involvement in a Fraternity or Sorority is not about three or four years of activity, but about a lifetime of commitment and reward. Join us as we build the foundation for the next 100 years today.
Support the Legacy Today Photos of Students